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Poster: Scrim Date: Jan 9, 2007 1:17pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Venue parking lots: food, beer, and fun

The parking lots used to offer some interesting food choices. There were always the standards, like a grilled cheese sandwich for $1. Then the simple one pot stuff like chili, spaghetti, soup. Veggie bagels with fresh tomato and basil. Then the other extremes: marinated quail breast over a mesquite fire and venison kabobs.

We used to try and find something fresh on the way to each show to create something interesting and wholesome for heads to feed on, and pay for our food. Then there were the guys with pizza ovens in the back of their vans, most were just street vendors, but not all.

Any who, I'm starving, ready for lunch, and trying to think of something Deadlike to post. Parking lot food! It was the scene we loved, the show was just the icing on the cake.

I would always go for the falafel in pita bread with the cucumber dressing. Along with a $2 Becks.

Ah, those 90 degree summer days when people would have a 55 gallon plastic drum just filled to the brim with ice and water, and the tasty bottles of beer were at the bottom. You would literally get brainfreeze reaching down to get a bottle! And then there were those entrepreneurs who would sell you a bottle of beer and shot of tequila for $3 (anything to bring you down sometimes, you know what I mean!)

It was always so much fun to find a great vantage spot to park, and sit on top of the van and just watch people go by. Very colorful parade. I remember this one guy walking around with a fully mature plant, must have been 5 feet tall, looking to trade it for a ticket. That was a sight to see, funny stuff. A hippy crack tank started going across the isle from us once, and we were taking on bets on who would fall down, and for all long it would last before the cops showed up. Those guys were shifty, always looking over their shoulders, all jittery, trying to get as many balloons filled as they could. Their wads of cash were so big they could hardly pocket it. I wasn’t into that kind of thing, but the parking lots attracted so many different people, it was a hoot to watch sometimes.

And wasn’t it always strange how you could tell someone that you would meet them at the show, but never say where, and you would always find them as soon as you got there? Magic happened in the parking lots.

The music of the Grateful Dead was important, but if we didn’t like the scene so much, the comradery, it may never have blossomed like it did. Neil Diamond fans are loyal to the cause, but they didn’t have near as much fun before, after, and between the shows!

OK, that’s all for now. As you were...